Finsk Kraft AB acquires Befring Kraft AS

Finsk Kraft AB kjøper Befring Kraft AS

Befring Kraftstasjon. Photo: Bjørn Befring

Finsk Kraft AB kjøper Befring Kraft AS

Befring Kraft AS in Stardalen in Sunnfjord municipality gets new owners. The well-known small power plant was started operation in 2003 and has been owned by the landowners. The Norwegian small power specialist Bekk og Strøm will operate the power plant.

Befring power plant has two turbines and gets its water from a 27 square kilometer catchment area under the Jostedal glacier.

Professional new owner
Finsk Kraft, or in Finnish language Suomen Voima, owns a number of power plants in the Nordic region, and is responsible for an annual power production of 400 GWh. In addition, the company has more than 300MW in projects that are under construction or development. Finnish Power has a strong focus on green, renewable energy.
- Befring Kraft fits well into our portfolio. During the spring of 2021, we will also take over Stardalen Kraft of 50 GWh just 3 kilometers from Befring, says Antti Vilkuna, general manager of Finsk Kraft.

From north to south
Bekk og Strøm, which specializes in operating small power plants, will operate the power plant on behalf of the Finnish company. Bekk og Strøm already operates a number of small power plants in Norway, both as it owns itself or on behalf of others.
- We already operate small power plants from all over Norway from Troms in the north to Kristiansand in the south and Befring fits perfectly into our operating profile, says Carl-Fredrik Lehland, general manager of Bekk og Strøm.

A good deal
The eight landowners behind the power plant are satisfied with the agreement.
- We have proven that we managed this on our own, both in terms of development and operation. But it has also been a demanding and challenging process with both ups and downs. Now when selling, we are happy there are solid owners experienced with operations, with the right focus, says Kjell Lyngstad, chairman of the board of Befring Kraft. The sale is brokered by Krafthuset AS. Advokatfirmaet Tofte has assisted the buyer and Wold & Co has assisted the seller as legal advisers.


Carl-Fredrik Lehland
CEO Bekk og Strøm

+47 95 298 298

About Finsk Kraft

Finsk Kraft AB or in Finnish laguage Suomen Voima Oy, has been in the Norwegian market for several years through ownership in a number of small power plants. The company is owned by 17 local and regional energy companies in southern and western Finland and has a strong focus on renewable energy throughout the Nordic region. The owners' total energy turnover is approx. 4.5 TWh.